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A complex and reliable program whose main purpose is to help you monitor the Wi-fi networks near you and add them to an inventory

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Acrylic Wi-Fi Free is a comprehensive and efficient software solution developed to provide you with the ability of monitoring Wireless networks, as well as connected devices, retrieving various security information about them and enabling you to inventorize the gathered data.

Clean and straightforward appearance

Following a regular setup process, during which there are no mentionable events, you can launch the program and start detecting the Wi-Fi access points in your proximity.

The main window of Acrylic Wi-Fi Free features an appealing and well-organized interface, resorting to tabs to structure its functions, namely ‘APs’, ‘Packets’, ‘GPS’, ‘Inventory’, ‘Scripting’, and others.

Effortlessly monitor and inventorize wireless networks near you

The application detects all 802.11/a/b/g/n/ac networks and informs you of each one’s ‘MAC Address’, ‘Channel’, ‘WEP’, ‘WAP’ or ‘WAP2’ type, along with the corresponding signal strength. The context menu options helps you to associate a password or a WPS PIN number to each detected access point.

The ‘Packets’ section of Acrylic Wi-Fi Free allows you to monitor incoming and outgoing data, letting you displays the ‘Packet Tree’, along with its ‘Hexadecimal View’, also listing the proper size and the destination address.

From the ‘GPS’ tab, you can gather geographic coordinates for your location, on condition that a compatible device is available and you have configured the serial port. The ‘Inventory’ section of the tool enables you to list and manage access points, while the ‘Scripting’ area allows you to create, compile and test scripts.

A handy access point tracker for WLAN

In conclusion, Acrylic Wi-Fi Free is a reliable and user-friendly utility designed to assist you in Wireless network monitoring operations, lets you to gather and manage relevant information about access points and transferred data packets.

Acrylic Wi-Fi Free was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on April 10th, 2015
Acrylic Wi-Fi Free - The main window of Acrylic Wi-Fi Free displays the detected wireless networksAcrylic Wi-Fi Free - From the context menu, you can add certain networks to your inventory or set a WPS PINAcrylic Wi-Fi Free - The Packets tab enables you to view the data transfers occurring in all off the monitored networksAcrylic Wi-Fi Free - screenshot #4Acrylic Wi-Fi Free - screenshot #5Acrylic Wi-Fi Free - screenshot #6Acrylic Wi-Fi Free - screenshot #7Acrylic Wi-Fi Free - screenshot #8Acrylic Wi-Fi Free - screenshot #9

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