DiamondCS Port Explorer 2.200

An easy to use graphical port to process mapper
See which ports belong to which programs! Port Explorer shows you all the open ports on your system and what programs own them (called Port to Process mapping).

DiamondCS Port Explorer is a tool that helps you see network activity.

Along with this ability it also has many tools including a packet sniffer, bandwidth throttling and country detection to name just a few. Port Explorer has an intuitive GUI that allows you to quickly see all your network activity, and thanks to its ease of use is allowing people everywhere to do advanced network activities.

Providing unprecedented viewing and control over the sockets on your Microsoft Windows system, the data traffic going through it, and the computers that are connected to it, Port Explorer is a completely unique and powerful program that goes where few others can.

In this day and age where system security means everything on the Internet, Port Explorer is a program you can't afford to be without.

Port Explorer gives you the ability to see all sockets that are open, and shows the state these are in, be it established and sending or receiving data, listening, or closing.

Port Explorer also gives the great ability to control these sockets - by allowing the user to spy on any or all sockets owned by a process, and to block sending or receiving of any or all sockets. A user could block data sending by a suspicious socket - yet still see what data is coming in by spying on this socket.

Port Explorer also includes new detection for trojans, by showing hidden sockets in red. This technology was developed for the upcoming DiamondCS TDS-4 Professional trojan scanner.

There are only a couple of commercial port-to-process mappers available in the world - none as affordable as Port Explorer, but only Port Explorer has an evaluation version allowing you to get a feeling of what the program is like before purchasing it.

Main features:

  • Finds ALL open and active TCP and UDP ports on your system.
  • Packet Sniffing allows you to see what data applications are sending over the internet.
  • Country Detection shows what countries all the IP's on your system are from.
  • Bandwidth throttling allows you to restrict how much data a program or socket can receive or send.
  • Trojan Detection built in allowing you to quickly see any possible trojans.
  • Block or close open ports and processes on your system.
  • Six BONUS network utilities, including improved Ping, Resolve and Whois clients.
  • Easy to use graphical interface, totally configurable, no more fumbling around.
  • Low CPU, MEMORY and RESOURCE usage

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May 10th, 2010, 16:15 GMT
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Diamond Computer Systems Pty
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DiamondCS Port Explorer - In the main window of DiamondCS Port Explorer users can view all the network stations and their IP addresses.DiamondCS Port Explorer - Using the Settings menu you can choose what information you want to be displayed on your screen.DiamondCS Port Explorer - From the Utilities menu you can view processes lists, statistics, etc.DiamondCS Port ExplorerDiamondCS Port ExplorerDiamondCS Port Explorer

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