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This lightweight application allows you to test your connection in order to find the optimal size for the Maximum Transmission Unit

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Simple MTU Test is designed to test the Internet connection by sending a series of packets and checking which ones are fragmented. This test enables the program to discover the MTU size in order to adjust your Internet connection settings.

The Maximum Transmission Unit value represents the size of the largest data packet that is allowed to pass from the Internet to your computer. Since this value has an important impact on the performance of your Internet connection it is important that your system is configured properly.

However, before setting the MTU size in the Internet connection settings, you need to find out which one is recommended for your connection. This program allows you to easily determine the correct value by analyzing a series of packets and calculating the average fragment size.

The test lasts just a few seconds and the results are displayed in the main window as well as the current MTU size. Before making any changes to your settings you should compare the recommended value with the current one.

Unlike Internet speed boosters, this application does not make any modifications but only provides you with the available information. Since changing the MTU size can also hinder the connection speed, you should decide whether any modifications need to be made.

The program comes as a single executable file and requires no installation which means that you can also run it from a removable device. The test results can be copied to the clipboard by right-clicking the main window, which allows you to paste them in a document and review them later.

To sum up, Simple MTU Test is a useful tool for any user who wants to find out the current and recommended MTU size for their computer.

Simple MTU Test was reviewed by Sorin Cirneala
Last updated on November 15th, 2013
Simple MTU Test - MTU Maximum Packet Size Test Application

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