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A simple-to-configure program that helps you monitor your internal and external IP addresses and set up various types of notifications e.g. (popup dialogs, emails)

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TrueIP is a small software application whose purpose is to help you identify your internal and external IP addresses with minimal effort.

Unobtrusive running mode

The tool runs quietly in the system tray until called upon when it reveals several handy parameters that you can experiment with.

You can access the program’s functions by performing a right-click mouse operation on its icon from the system tray. The app lets you opt for a Quick or Full Information displaying mode, copy the external address to the clipboard with just one click, as well as open the configuration panel.

Quick and Full Information notifications

TrueIP helps you check out your current IP address by activating the Quick Information mode, while the Full one enables you to gather detailed information about your internal and external IP addresses, and hostname.

The Full displaying mode brings some extra benefits, as you may refresh the information with just one click and copy the entire information or only the selected one to the clipboard, so you can easily paste it into other third-party utilities.

Configuration settings

There’s support for several tweaking parameters that help you run the app at Windows startup, automatically check the IP address at a user-defined time (in seconds), show or copy the external address when you double-click on the tool’s icon from the system tray, and retrieve the IP address from a custom provider.

What’s more, you can make the tool send email notifications, post data to your TrueIP account, send info via FTP servers, or reveal a popup notification when the external IP address changes, as well as log external IP addresses to a user-defined location from your computer.

Bottom line

All in all, TrueIP offers a simple yet efficient software solution for helping you monitor your internal and external IP addresses and set up various types of notifications.

TrueIP was reviewed by Ana Marculescu
Last updated on May 31st, 2014
TrueIP - From the main user interface of TrueIP you can view the local IP addresses, host name and external address of your machine.TrueIP - By accessing the Options window of TrueIP you can adjust the application's default settings.TrueIP - TrueIP sends a shortcut to system tray from where you can get the quick information on your IP or access the application;s options.

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