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Simple, easy-to-use and lightweight software application that allows you to scan your network and view all the connected devices

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Wireless Network Watcher is a lightweight Windows application designed to display all connected computers to your wireless network, along with detailed information about each of them.

Although it may sound a bit like a task addressed to more experienced users, Wireless Network Watcher makes everything pretty easy to use, mostly thanks to the interface.

In fact, that's also the sole purpose of the application: show this kind of information and nothing more.

The main window is the one that makes it possible, as it shows the IP address, device name, MAC address, network adapter company, device information, user text, first detected on time and detection count.

Furthermore, you can configure the format of the displayed MAC address, perform background scanning, place an icon in the Windows System Tray for instant access and beep as soon as a new computer is detected.

What's more, Wireless Network Watcher gives users the option to select the network adapter they wish to use, just in case there are multiple such hardware devices on your computer, but also the IP address range to be scanned.

Last but not least, the application has been developed to allow you to export the list of connected devices to multiple formats, including HTML, XML, CSV or text file.

Wireless Network Watcher doesn't stress up the CPU and RAM and works smoothly on all Windows versions, without slowing down the computer in any way.

All in all, this lightweight freebie does its job pretty fast and although it's supposed to run all the time and keep you up to date with the new computers in your network, it always remains friendly with hardware resources.

Wireless Network Watcher was reviewed by Bogdan Popa
Last updated on September 8th, 2015
Wireless Network Watcher - Wireless Network Watcher allows you to find all the computers connected to your network.Wireless Network Watcher - You can use the right click context menu to save all the selected items and access the HTML report.Wireless Network Watcher - Wireless Network Watcher enables you to copy an item or a MAC address from the Edit menu.Wireless Network Watcher - screenshot #4Wireless Network Watcher - screenshot #5Wireless Network Watcher - screenshot #6Wireless Network Watcher - screenshot #7

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