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A useful application that can provide you with a wide array of network monitoring tools to help you determine the cause of any problem that may arise

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AntiFreeze.NET is a complex and reliable software solution created to assist you in your network monitoring activities, providing you with multiple handy tools to diagnose any problem you encounter and identify its causes.

Neatly-structured and appealing looks

The application features a fairly simple and approachable appearance, by default running minimized in the system tray, where you can access its functions by right-clicking on its icon.

The main window of AntiFreeze.NET is a small, non-resizable screen, working in tabbed mode to simultaneously perform and display several tasks.

Identify and troubleshoot numerous network issues in a couple of moves

The program is comprised of a series of tools which serve in ‘Diagnostic’, ‘Informational’ and ‘UPnP Services’ tasks. Each section is made up of several specific components that you can customize to meet your requirements for each operation.

As such, you can work with the ‘Ping Monitor’ to ping a certain address, at user-defined intervals and timeout durations, also benefiting from a set of ‘Advanced Options’ to tinker with. Similarly, you can run ‘Trace Route’ or ‘Port Check’ operations, with just a few mouse clicks.

The ‘Informational’ tools help you ‘Get MAC Address’, ‘Get External IP’, ‘Get IP by Hostname’ or ‘Network Info’. You can use the ‘IP Scanner’ (between a specified range) or the ‘Traffic Monitor’ to determine incoming and outgoing exchanges. From the ‘UPnP Services’ section, you can run ‘UPnP Discovery’ tasks, also being able to work with the ‘UPnP Port Mapper’ or the ‘’UPnP Port Mapping Table’ to obtain additional details.

A handy network monitoring instrument

In closing, AntiFreeze.NET proves to be a feature-rich and efficient utility that you can resort to whenever you want to track and troubleshoot your network problems, as well as obtain information on various hosts or IP addresses.

AntiFreeze.NET was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on May 27th, 2015
AntiFreeze.NET - The main window of AntiFreeze.NET allows you to choose the tool you want to work with, for ping or trace route operationsAntiFreeze.NET - The Console window displays any retrieved information from your system or your networkAntiFreeze.NET - When conduction a Ping operation, you need to specify the destination, the interval and the timeout periodAntiFreeze.NET - screenshot #4AntiFreeze.NET - screenshot #5AntiFreeze.NET - screenshot #6AntiFreeze.NET - screenshot #7AntiFreeze.NET - screenshot #8AntiFreeze.NET - screenshot #9AntiFreeze.NET - screenshot #10AntiFreeze.NET - screenshot #11AntiFreeze.NET - screenshot #12AntiFreeze.NET - screenshot #13AntiFreeze.NET - screenshot #14

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