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You can use this advanced software solution to monitor all your network connections in real-time or browse through historical reports

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IP Traffic Monitor is a comprehensive tool designed to track and analyze your Internet traffic heuristically as well as historically, and provide you with reports so you can be aware of all incoming or outgoing data packages. It can also help you prevent the attacks of spyware, viruses or adware, before they have time to hurt your system.

This monitoring utility offers you information concerning all transfers, as well as their destination by listing the IP addresses from which your computer sends or receives data.

The 'Real-Time' section of the application gathers information concerning remote IP ports and hosts, a counter of all downloaded and uploaded bytes of data, PID details, first and last moment of activity as well as the full path to an executable file or process.

The 'History' feature allows you to track Internet related activities over an extended time frame, ranging from hours, to days, weeks or even years. The provided statistics enable you to get a detailed report of your regular traffic and the most visited websites, while also letting you know when spikes occur in order to investigate their cause.

Using the 'Traffic Spy' component, you can easily capture contents of IP packets. This can be done for a specific connection, or for all available ones.

All the gathered statistics are displayed through pie charts, allowing for a better visualization of all outgoing and incoming data, as well as emphasizing the distinctions between the types of recorded traffic, with its various destinations.

IP Traffic Monitor can prove quite useful in tracking your Internet traffic and bandwidth usage, as it helps you learn more about the data transferred to and from your computer. With this simple tool, you can discover if any hidden transfers take place, so you can stop them before they have dangerous consequences.

IP Traffic Monitor was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on November 15th, 2013
IP Traffic Monitor - The main window of IP Traffic Monitor allows users to monitor IP traffic in real timeIP Traffic Monitor - From the context menu you have the possibility to copy the host IP address and the process nameIP Traffic Monitor - The Tools menu enables you to select features such as Services or Task ManagerIP Traffic Monitor - screenshot #4IP Traffic Monitor - screenshot #5IP Traffic Monitor - screenshot #6

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