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An easy-to-use application designed to measure the duration of sending data back and forth between a hostname or an IP address and the host computer

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Ping Tools Plus is an easy to use network utility that enables you to estimate the accessibility of a host on an IP network, by estimating the speed of data transfer between the host computer and the specified URL.

Principles of the ping

A ping is generally a software used in administrating a network, by testing the accessibility of a Web address or an IP network. Additionally, it can measure the duration of transferring data back and forth between the originating host to a destination computer.

Ping Tools Plus helps you test your network and the ping response time for multiple URLs. The software cannot test the connection to a specified IP.

Test the accessibility of your websites

Ping Tools Plus enables you to create a list of host web addresses, and record pings for each of them at the same time. The software can detect whether the connection is timed out or if errors occurred, as well as calculate the ping response time.

The software highlights each row according to the network response time. Thus, if the row is green, the response time is short and highly convenient, while if it is red, the connection is slow, cumbersome and it can time out at any moment.

Setting minimum and maximum

The limits of ping response time are set by default to 60 and 200 ms. This means that if a ping’s response time is below 60 ms, it is considered fast, good, convenient, whereas, if the speed is 200 ms or higher, the connection is slow. However, you can adjust these values, according to your own needs, and change the highlight color as well.

You can select the ping check rate, from a range of 100 up to 90000 milliseconds and set the software to alert you when one or more connections are timed out. Moreover, you can export the results of the ping to a text file or a spreadsheet.


Ping Tools Plus is a lightweight tool designed to continuously test the ping response time from one or more destination addresses. You can test the ping responses received from different websites, check the status of the current connection to the selected URL and be notified when it times out.

Ping Tools Plus was reviewed by Elizabeta Virlan
Last updated on October 31st, 2014
Ping Tools Plus - Ping Tools Plus is a simple utility that allows you to check the accessibility of a host.

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