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Monitor segment retransmissions in order to efficiently detect network problems and solve them before they affect the traffic speed

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TCP Segment Retransmission Viewer is a network monitoring application that allows administrators to obtain statistical data concerning the retransmission rates for TCP/IP v4 and v6 connections, helping them detect possible network blockages.

Retransmissions are performed automatically when packets that carry TCP segments get lost or the receiving host does not confirm their arrival. Repeated failures to deliver network requests can hide various connection problems or traffic congestion.

View real-time data about sent and received packets

What this application actually does is retrieve information concerning all the received and sent data, while also logging the number of performed retransmissions and established TCP connections, offering a feedback on the severity of the problem.

The simplistic interface displays all the data in a structured table, enabling you to configure the refresh time interval and pause recording anytime.

Detailed reports and data graphs at your disposal

The program also displays a summary of all the read data, enabling you to view a report on the received, sent and retransmitted packages, the resulting retransmitted rate for the logged packets and for the transferred data since the last computer reboot.

A more detailed report can also be accessed, containing valuable information about the local and remote addresses and used ports. All data is saved to a text file that you can later use as a reference or imported in other similar applications for further analysis.

The generated graph visually illustrates the evolution of the retransmission rate, the number of active TCP connections, the amount of sent and received segments in real time, providing zooming and panning options so as to help you identify the causes of traffic clogging.

View retransmitted data and analyze network congestion

TCP Segment Retransmission Viewer is a tool that helps administrators ensure that all requests are processed smoothly and there are no problems with the network connection. It offers an insight on what goes on behind the curtain, significantly easing their work.

TCP Segment Retransmission Viewer was reviewed by Mihaela Teodorovici
Last updated on June 3rd, 2014
TCP Segment Retransmission Viewer - TCP Segment Retransmission Viewer can monitor your TCP connections and segment retransmission.TCP Segment Retransmission Viewer - TCP Segment Retransmission Viewer displays a graph of the retransmissions, enabling you to view their evolution.TCP Segment Retransmission Viewer - The application can monitor both TCP v4 and v6 connections and record a statistics file.

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