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Monitor the activity of wireless networks around you.

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WirelessNetView is a reliable application designed to keep an eye on the surrounding wireless networks, logging important information such as signal strength.

WirelessNetView features a simple and user-friendly interface that displays all the detected wireless hotpoints. For each network, WirelessNetView displays a bunch of useful details such as last signal quality, average signal quality, authentication algorithm, SSID, detection counter, cipher algorithm, MAC address, company name, RSSI, channel frequency and number.

Once you run the application, it's enough to minimize it to tray and let it do its job. WirelessNetView automatically scans the perimeter and if new networks are found, they're also added to the already created list.

There are numerous options available, including a dedicated tool that beeps every time a new network is found, a feature to mark the best secured and unsecured network to connect to, as well as possibilities to add header line to CSV/Tab delimited file and torestart Windows wireless service.

In addition, you can decide the update rate (low, medium, high and very high), but also the network security filter, which means WirelessNetView must show only secured or unsecured networks.

There's no help file included in the package, so you may need to search the web if the aforementioned terms sound like rocket science to you.

Overall, WirelessNetView is quite a handy application and because it works so smooth on all Windows versions, it's really worth a try.

WirelessNetView was reviewed by Bogdan Popa
Last updated on August 5th, 2015
WirelessNetView - The main window of WirelessNetView enables users to explore all the Wi-Fi networks in their proximityWirelessNetView - You can access the View menu when you want to automatically resize columns or disable tooltipsWirelessNetView - The Options menu is the place where you can adjust the update rate or restart the Windows wireless serviceWirelessNetView - WirelessNetView features a Properties window for each detected network, which displays details such as average signal or maximum speed

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