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A reliable application that enables you to connect to a remote desktop, then capture screenshots and monitor the user's activity

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ZOLA Remote Screenshot Taker is a simple to use application that enables you to connect to a remote desktop, then capture screenshots and save them on your computer. It is a reliable tool for monitoring other users’ desktop activity, since it can capture shots in silent mode and does not leave traces of the pictures on their system.

Network monitoring tool

With ZOLA Remote Screenshot Taker you can easily capture remote desktop screenshots in silent mode. It is a suitable employee tracker, that enables you, as a network administrator to monitor their activity. The software can capture the entire screen, including active or inactive windows, thus you can view what a user is doing in a particular moment.

In order to capture desktop screenshots, you need to establish a connection to the remote station, through the network. Once you have saved a particular host, you may connect to its desktop at any time, as long as the computer is in function.

Save screenshots locally

ZOLA Remote Screenshot Taker can capture snapshots of a remote desktop in silent mode, meaning it does not notify the user of the on-going monitoring process. Moreover, the software is set to save the snapshots on the computer of the administrator, meaning that it does not leave traces and picture file signatures on the remote system.

You may set the destination folder for each host you connect to and set the program to save the pictures in the selected directory. This way, the screenshots are saved in separate folders, according to their source. Moreover, you can ping the remote host, in order to check the response of the network, before performing any action. Additionally, the software can automatically uninstall itself from the host computer after taking a screenshot.

Reliable activity supervisor

ZOLA Remote Screenshot Taker is a simple to use program, that requires network administrating privileges, in order to correctly function. Once you connect to a remote source, you can easily install it on the station, then proceed to monitor its desktop activity in silent mode. You can take snapshots of their desktop, on demand, then save the images to your computer as JPG format.

ZOLA Remote Screenshot Taker was reviewed by Elizabeta Virlan
Last updated on January 15th, 2015
ZOLA Remote Screenshot Taker - ZOLA Remote Screenshot Taker is a reliable tool that enables you to connect to a remote desktop and take screenshots.ZOLA Remote Screenshot Taker - You can add multiple hosts and connect to each of them in turn, if the computers are running, then capture the entire screen.ZOLA Remote Screenshot Taker - The screenshots taken from different hosts are also saved in separate storage places, that you can easily access.ZOLA Remote Screenshot TakerZOLA Remote Screenshot Taker

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