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A simple and user-friendly utility aimed to provide you with the means to troubleshoot various DNS network issues, with minimal effort

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DNSThing is a lightweight and easy to understand Java-based application created to offer you the means of testing your network and identifying a variety of problems concerning its running.

Basic yet practical appearance

The utility features a simple tabbed interface, enabling you to switch between ‘DNS Tests’, ‘Quick Scan’ and ‘Stress Test’ in order to work with the function that you need.

The straightforward usage of DNSThing might make it appealing for novices, but it is likely that it will prove more suited for individuals with advanced knowledge in the field.

Effortlessly identify, test and troubleshoot network problems

From the ‘DNS Tests’ section of the program, you can ping a specified host or perform a ‘NSlookup’, identifying its IP address or you can find the available mail servers using the ‘MX Rec’ function. In addition, the ‘Location’ component will identify the host’s position on the world map along with the corresponding coordinates.

Moreover, you can run a ‘WhoIs’ task using one of the available services to discover several details about the targeted host. The ‘Quick Scan’ tool enables you to look for ports, looking at the typical ones, but also at an expanded or a user-specified range.

DNSThing is capable of performing ‘Stress Tests’ on a preferred host, allowing you to define the port number and the maximum amount of connections permitted. However, the retrieved data cannot be exported to a file, the best option being to manually copy and paste the information to a document.

A useful network testing instrument

To summarize, DNSThing is a handy piece of software created for network professionals and other specialists in the field, in order to provide you with a set of tools for testing and troubleshooting various issues.

DNSThing was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on July 10th, 2014
DNSThing - The main window of DNSThing allows you to ping a preferred host or perform a WhoIs lookupDNSThing - From the dedicated menu, you can select the WhoIs service that you want to work withDNSThing - The Quick Scan tab enables you to look for the available port number for a certain hostDNSThing

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