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Graphical frontend for IPERF written in Java

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There are countless applications created especially to help users measure their bandwidth performance, yet most of them are complicated and include numerous unnecessary functions. JPerf is a Java-based tool that can calculate the maximum TCP and UDP without any additional hassle or complex settings.

The application is a frontend for Iperf, a popular command-line utility for bandwidth measurements. Due to JPerf, users no longer need to get accustomed to command-line parameters, while also enhancing the initial program with extra functionality.

When accessing the main window of JPerf, users need to enter a host address they want to connect to and specify the port number.

Experts can also adjust advanced parameters, such as the protocol to be used, either TCP or UDP - depending on their choice, they can modify the buffer length, window size and maximum segment size for TCP, whereas the UDP buffer size and packet size can also be changed.

Once the required details are entered, Iperf can be run (it is already included in the package, so no additional downloading is necessary). A graph is immediately generated and users can analyze the status of their bandwidth.

One can save the current configuration to a separate file for later use, so users no longer need to go through the same steps and adjust the variables the next time they use JPerf.

To sum it up, JPerf comes with a user-friendly interface and can help users evaluate the performance of their bandwidth. However, novices might need some further research to make the most of the application and use all of its functions at their full power.

JPerf was reviewed by Giorgiana Arghire
Last updated on May 1st, 2013
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