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An easy to use and practical application created to perform accurate measurements of transfer speeds across various storage mediums

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LAN Speed Test is an application that helps users determine the transfer speed to and from a LAN machine.

It may all seem very basic at the first glance, but LAN Speed Test is a much more complicated app, so it’s highly recommended to have a look in the help manual too.

The main GUI shows the computer name, IP address and folder or server IP, but also write and read test results, such as packet length, time to complete, bytes per second, bits per second and Mbps.

It’s very important to note that LAN Speed Test requires users to input the path to a network location in order to write a file that is then used for all speed tests. Much more documentation and the exact procedure are available in the help section.

Depending on the network and the file size you input, LAN Speed Test can take anywhere from a few seconds to more than 10 minutes, but the application is most of the time resource-friendly and doesn’t affect system performance in any way.

But it’s worth mentioning that network transfers are slowed down a little bit while LAN Speed Test performs a test, so it’s better to avoid working on the system until the test comes to an end.

All things considered, LAN Speed Test is a helpful product, although it’s clearly aimed at professional users. A much more user-friendly approach could come in very handy, but even so, you are strongly recommended to read all the details in the help section.

LAN Speed Test Lite was reviewed by Bogdan Popa
Last updated on August 13th, 2013
LAN Speed Test Lite - From the main window of the application you are able to measure file transferring speeds and view the results.

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