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A comprehensive application that provides a Windows RS232/485, UDP/IP, TCP Client and TCP Server terminal through a user-friendly interface

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Hercules SETUP is a lightweight tool developed to work as as a terminal which can handle serial ports, UDP/IP and TCT/IP protocols.

It displays a user-friendly interface that has a tabbed structure and makes it easy to switch between its functions. Everything is straightforward when it comes to its ‘Serial’, ‘TCP Client’, ‘TCT Server’, ‘UDP’ and ‘Test Mode’ sections.

With this tool you get all the basic TCP and UDP utilities in one application, as well as an implemented serial port terminal that works with COM12 and similar virtual ports. It enables you to control serial port lines such as CTS, DTR, RTS, RI, CD and DSR.

Hercules SETUP works with HW-group devices and before you can use it, it’s necessary that you provide parameters such as module name, IP and IP mask, as well as the gateway. You can also have it search for devices over the UDP broadcast and list them all along with their MAC addresses. Moreover, it offers you the possibility to enable or disable TCP TEA authorization along with NVT, TCP and DHCP.

The application can be a terminal server for the RS-232 standard that uses parameters which set the connection type, mode of operation, firmware version of the device and can displays the information in ASCII, HEX or DEC along with a log of the process.

Hercules SETUP comes with a test mode that allows you to check up on functions for the Ethernet devices. You are able to assign parameters of the connection, apply the TEA key and authorization codes, as well as send and view messages from remote devices. You also get a lot of functions and options from the context menu which makes Hercules SETUP a very efficient tool to work with.

In closing, if you’re looking for a reliable and easy to manage serial port terminal for HW-group devices, then you can stop at this one.

Hercules SETUP was reviewed by Alexandru Chirila
Last updated on February 10th, 2014
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