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A lightweight and easy to handle RS232 terminal that aims to provide you with a simple means of sending text messages using serial communication

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Termite provides users with an easy to configure serial communication terminal compatible with the RS232 standard. It can be used for serial port communication endeavors, allowing the transmission of text data only (files and binary data is not supported).

Prior to using this application, the PC must be connected to the remote device with the help of a serial cable and the port settings must be configured. This process is not difficult, but additional knowledge is required in order to make the program work properly.

There are various options that you can customize, from choosing the COM port used for data transfers, changing the baud rate, the data and the stop bits, to selecting the parity and the flow control. Optionally, the received data can be forwarded to another COM port.

The current configuration is also displayed within the main window. Additional options allow you to enable or deactivate the "local echo" (which makes the text that you transmit also appear within the reception pane) and automatically append a line termination to each sent string.

The interface is mostly occupied by the initially empty text area and integrates an input pane, which can be used for typing in and sending text messages. The selected RS232 port is automatically opened once the connection is initiated and the PC listens for received messages. In order to distinguish them easier, received and sent text lines have different colors.

One advantage of this application is its capability to immediately close the RS232 port when the program is inactive, enabling you to free it up for use with other program.

Termite is one of the most intuitive RS232 terminals, capable of sending text commands without having the user deal with complex configuration options. Command logging, clipboard functions, auto-completion are some of the features that add to its value and make it worth a try.

Termite was reviewed by Mihaela Teodorovici
Last updated on August 21st, 2015
Termite - Termite will provide users with a simple RS232 terminal to quickly and easily configure the serial devicesTermite - The Serial port settings panel will help you rapidly configure the ports, transmitted / received text or plug-ins

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