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Analyze network performance and capture Ethernet packets in real-time

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Keeping an eye on network hardware to make sure that everything works at optimum parameters should be a frequent activity; and it can be carried out with specific software that may also reveal intrusion traces.

Drop protection during installation

TracePlus Ethernet has been designed not just for monitoring the network activity but also for analyzing the current performance and capturing packets.

Getting the tool on the system is not a seamless operation because at one moment you are prompted to disable the antivirus protection if it is provided by certain products; this can be enabled at a later time.

The interface may appear daunting for most users and they wouldn’t be wrong to believe that working with this tool is reserved for the more experienced.

View network details in a glance

The main screen provides a summary about the total current bandwidth usage, as well as details by IP address. Also available is the amount of packets coming in or going out for each detected machine.

There is also the possibility to configure the application for packet capturing. This comes with filtering profiles that can be customized to fit the needs of the administrators. Apart from this, the options include selecting the protocols that should be monitored and the packet types.

Moreover, the bundle features the possibility to monitor the traffic running through a remote LAN (local area network); this requires the availability of the program on a PC connected to that network.


TracePlus Ethernet is a complex application that cannot be handled properly by less experienced users. It is a professional bundle with plenty of professional tools that can help a network administrator with detecting problems and solving them.

All in all, the package is capable of interesting feats and there is proper documentation for plenty of the functions available. Make sure that you fulfill all the requirements before trying to install the software.

TracePlus Ethernet was reviewed by Ionut Ilascu
Last updated on April 30th, 2014
TracePlus Ethernet - TracePlus Ethernet will help you quickly and easily analyze network performance and capture Ethernet packets in real-timeTracePlus Ethernet - The Settings menu will provide users with a list of options like Select Network Adapter, TCP / UDP Protocol Definitions or Disable LoopbackTracePlus Ethernet - Users will be able to access options such as Application Look, Network Dashboard or Network Statistics Filters within the View menuTracePlus Ethernet - screenshot #4TracePlus Ethernet - screenshot #5TracePlus Ethernet - screenshot #6TracePlus Ethernet - screenshot #7TracePlus Ethernet - screenshot #8TracePlus Ethernet - screenshot #9TracePlus Ethernet - screenshot #10

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