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A comprehensive and reliable software solution that can help you traceroute a certain domain, send pings or perform network scans

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Whenever you want to get more details regarding the server location for a certain website, you simply need to run a whois command or even a traceroute if you are interested in more details.

However, performing these tasks in Command Prompt is not an easy task for all users, so a dedicated software solution like VisualRoute can come in handy.

Perform traceroute and whois on any domain

The application comes with an intuitive graphic interface that encourages even novices to perform a ping or a whois task on the domain they prefer.

Depending on the command you choose, you can get a wide range of details about the website, such as its IP address, location, network and firewall type, as well as packet loss or port probe.

You can also get extra information regarding the traceroute, such as the RTT (round-trip time), packet loss and alternate routes.

In addition to these commands, VisualRoute also enables you to run continuous traceroute to a domain, plot response times or scan its network.

Export traceroute data to HTML, TXT or JPEG

Once you have performed the command you required, you can save the generated report to HTML so as to be able to preview it within a browser of your choice. Printing it is another option and you can turn to it if you find it more convenient.

Alternatively, you can also export the data to TXT or take a snapshot of the main window of the app and save it as JPG.


To wrap it up, VisualRoute can prove to be a handy utility that you can rely on whenever you want to quickly get various details about a specific domain. You can perform ping, traceroute, whois and network scans, then save the data for later analysis or even compare two traceroute reports.

VisualRoute 2010 was reviewed by Giorgiana Arghire
Last updated on April 10th, 2014
VisualRoute 2010 - The main window of VisualRoute will allow you to enter an URL then analyze its traceroute.VisualRoute 2010 - This is the way you will have the possibility to view a ping plot for the domain you selectedVisualRoute 2010 - This window will enable you to configure the analysis according to your preferencesVisualRoute 2010VisualRoute 2010VisualRoute 2010VisualRoute 2010

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