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Store multiple items in the clipboard and choose which one should be pasted with this user-friendly clipboard management software utility

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All Windows users rely on the clipboard function of the OS for almost everything they do on their computers. Clipjump aims to increase its functionality by providing access to multiple clipboards, thus increasing work productivity and efficiency.

Though it does not require any installation, the application needs to be run with administrative privileges otherwise some features will not be available. A new icon will be added to the system tray and it offers quick access to functions like Incognito mode (disables saving of the clipboard contents) or Clipboard history.

Clipjump basically enables users to work in several channels, where they can store their clipboard snippets and retrieve them when needed. They can switch to other channels by using a dedicated keyboard combination or by accessing the dedicated function from the system tray icon.

One can assign names to these channels, which makes them easier to identify when there are several of them. It needs to be mentioned that the next channel numbers are accessible only if the previous ones have been activated.

Once Clipjump is running and multiple snippets have been copied to the clipboards, users can easily select the item they want to paste by using the traditional keyboard combination Ctrl+V - i.e. no new combinations need to be learned in order to benefit from Clipjump’s features.

The Clipboard History function displays the clips stored in all the channels, and the redundant or unnecessary ones can be removed from the list. There is also the possibility to search for specific entries or to clear the entire channel history.

To sum it up, Clipjump can come in handy to all those who value speed and efficiency in their work, and who need more clipboards and more clipboard functions to increase their productivity. Clipjump Controller can help them control the app's features even more.

Clipjump was reviewed by Giorgiana Arghire
Last updated on May 22nd, 2015
Clipjump - From the system tray menu, you can access and modify Clipjump's functioning parametersClipjump - The Clipjump Action Mode menu enables you to choose the task that you want to performClipjump - The Clipjump Channel Organizer allows you to create or modify categories, as well as add or edit clipsClipjumpClipjump

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