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A clipboard enhancement utility that can store recently copied text items, enabling you to easily paste text entries in external applications

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The Windows clipboard is an intensely used feature, allowing the copying and pasting of texts and files. By default, it is limited to a single entry, so various utilities were developed to enhance its functionality. One of them is suggestively called ClipWatch.

Remembers the clipboard history

What ClipWatch actually does is monitor all the text pieces that are sent to the clipboard, so as to build the clipboard history and enable you to manage copied items much easier. On the downside, it only supports text entries, automatically excluding files from the history.

The application runs silently in the system tray, without interrupting your work. You can easily access it via the tray icon or using the predefined WIN+A key combination.

Pin items to prevent accidental deletion

Its main window displays a list of all the texts that were recently sent to the clipboard, along with their size (number of characters). Pressing the CTRL-V hotkey will minimize the ClipWatch window and paste the selected text entry into the active application, if possible.

One interesting feature of ClipWatch is the possibility to pin any clipboard item, in order to prevent it from being overwritten or removed from the list.

Enhance the clipboard functionality

ClipWatch provides instant access to its options and functions via pre-defined hotkeys, so working with it is easy.

It is a simple, yet efficient clipboard enhancement tool that you can use to manage all the text entries, copy and paste texts in a comfortable manner.

ClipWatch was reviewed by Mihaela Teodorovici
Last updated on August 14th, 2014
ClipWatch - ClipWatch runs in the system tray, enabling you to quickly access the clipboard history.ClipWatch - ClipWatch enables you to view a list of all the words or files that were recently copied to the clipboard.ClipWatch - The 'Edit' menu of ClipWatch enables you to paste the selected item in an external application.ClipWatch - screenshot #4

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