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A lightweight utility that brings extended functionality to your clipboard, by allowing you to save more than one text instance at a time

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If you happen to work with many blocks of short text on a regular basis, you probably make extensive use of your operating system's copy-paste functionality, which allows you to move them around from one place to another. The downside with this method is the fact that you can only store and paste a single text instance at a time, which requires you to repeat the procedure for any previous paragraphs you may need to reuse.

Spacious clipboard storage for multiple text instances

Clipboard Redefined, on the other hand, extends the functionality of your clipboard memory, by allowing you to store and retrieve multiple text instances and graphic items at the same time. Hence, all the bits you need to reuse very often are kept in an organized list, where they can be easily viewed and reached whenever you need them.

The major advantage offered by the application is the fact that you do not need to change the way you do things normally. Thus, you just have to use the clipboard as per usual, by performing copy operations on the desired text chunks, which are then automatically stored and added to the list. To retrieve them, you can just select the one you need and continue your activity by pasting the contents in other applications.

Store graphic items by capturing portions of your screen

Beside text, you might also need to handle graphic objects, which are also stored in your clipboard memory. Clipboard Redefined allows you to paste them as well, although these are not displayed in the provided list and you cannot keep more than one instance. Aside from this minor drawback, the images can be handled with ease even without any preview beforehand.

Another useful feature bundled with the utility is the ability to capture portions of your desktop screen, by using your mouse to select the area you want to take a snapshot of. The image is then saved in the clipboard and it can be pasted in the editor of your choice, in order to save it on your computer. Additionally, you can set up a keyboard shortcut for the process, so you do not have to manually press the capture button every time you require its services.

Take full control of your clipboard memory

Although the clipboard memory is not known for its size, Clipboard Redefined makes the most out of it, by enabling you to attain complete control over what goes in and out of it at any given time. Hence, in case you regularly perform copy-paste operations, the utility can considerably improve your experience and offer you a versatile working environment.

Clipboard Redefined was reviewed by Alexandru Dulcianu
Last updated on July 26th, 2014
Clipboard Redefined - You can view the available text bits available for pasting into the main window of the application.Clipboard Redefined - The right-click menu allows you to remove, save or open the selected clip, as well as clear the entire clipboard.Clipboard Redefined - You can capture a portion of your screen, as well as turn the extended clipboard on or off from the Options menu.

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