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Stores all text and image copies made in the program, allowing you to view them and copy them whenever you want





Clipboard Manager is a handy and reliable utility designed to enable you to organize your clipboard content.

Clipboard Manager will store any text or image you copy into the program itself, allowing you to view what you have stored, whether it be text or image, and copy them. This tool can be very useful when you need to take notes or copy a lot of things; just simply right click whatever it is you copied earlier and click "copy" to copy it again. This will not add the same thing to the list again.

Not only does it copy text and images from the web, it also allows you to drag any readable files (such as text files and pictures) into the list - It will automatically pick up the files you've added and simply clicking on one them will display the content of it. Any text you drag into the list from external applications that support the dragging of text will be added to the list also. If a file is deleted when added to the list, it will simply show the original path of the file but no text. When the program first starts up, whatever is in your clipboard will be added directly to it.

Pictures from the web can also be added - either by right clicking the image and selecting "copy image" or even "copy image URL". If an image is copied from the web it will store it in the same location as the executable file, but all images here will be deleted when the application exits.

Pictures will also be added when print-screening anything. This can be useful for a variety of tasks such as saving several print-screens of images you need to hand in for an assignment if you attend a place of education. Right-clicking on a picture will allow you to copy it or change its display to Normal, Fit to Screen and Center.

Anything in the list can be deleted by right-clicking its' item and selecting "Delete". Selecting Delete all will remove all of the items from the list, however your clipboard will not be cleared (Your clipboard can be cleared by selecting "Clear Clipboard") . You can also delete it by pressing the Delete key on your keyboard.

If you need to save your list, you can simply right click the list box and select "Save list". This will not save pictures that are copied from the web, unless the URL was copied. The list can be successfully loaded again by right clicking the list box and selecting "Load list". List files created are unique to the program.

Text formatting is not supported as the program is only designed to store text and images. Any .doc or .docx files dragged into the list box will not display correctly - the document must first be opened and the text must be copied. Future versions may support text formatting and .doc/.docx format.
Last updated on December 15th, 2011
Clipboard Manager - Clipboard Manager is a handy and reliable utility designed to enable you to organize your clipboard content.Clipboard Manager - The right-click menu of Clipboard Manager will enable you to delete items or to clear the entire clipboard.

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