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A very simple, yet efficient widget-like application whose main purpose is to handle clipboard text and images in a more efficient way

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Pastestation is a lightweight, yet efficient application that was designed for users in need of a quick clipboard helper that can process pasted content in a better way.

Typically, the Windows clipboard is able to store text, links and images, but it cannot save the content to an output file. Pastestation solves this shortcoming, allowing users to export such items to a location of their choice.

It was mainly designed for processing the images that you capture through the Print Screen function, which normally need pasting into an external editor such as Paint in order to be able to save them. With Pastestation, screenshots can be exported directly, without the intervention of a third-party application.

The program comes in the form of a small widget, which is placed next to the system tray area right after installation. It sits silently there and awaits the arrival of content inside the clipboard, at which point it changes its appearance to reflect the type of data that has been copied.

It is able to detect both text and images, which can be saved instantly to JPEG, respectively TXT format to a location chosen by the user. Right-clicking the widget will trigger a menu that allows you to place the application on top, hide it to system tray or clear the clipboard altogether.

In conclusion, Pastestation is a fairly simple application, but can prove to be a real time saver throughout projects that involve taking many screenshots or dealing with large chunks of text. It is easy to use, intuitive and doesn’t tamper with your workflow due to its minimalistic approach.

Pastestation was reviewed by Andreea Matei
Last updated on January 16th, 2014
Pastestation - Pastestation adds a widget next to the system tray area, from where you will be able to handle clipboard content.Pastestation - Aside from being able to process images, Pastestation is also able to handle text.Pastestation - Pastestation provides users with quick options for clearing the clipboard.

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