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A clipboard management utility that can provide you with quick access to any of the previously used text bits, enabling you to resend them to the clipboard

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In case you deal with large amounts of texts on a regular basis, you might also be familiar with the clipboard memory supplied by the operating system. Here you can temporarily store text bits and use them across multiple applications at the same time, although they can quickly get overwritten and lost in the process, with no possibility to be retrieved.

Manage your clipboard memory

Remembr is a software utility designed to expand the capabilities of your clipboard, by allowing you to store multiple text instances at the same time and choose the one you want to use. Hence, you can never lose or overwrite paragraphs, since every new copy operation generates a new entry into the list of text bits.

Beside being able to select the desired instance, you can also view the entire text contents for every stored item, all from within the application. Hence, you can make sure that you have selected the correct text bit each time. In addition, you can also easily copy it again, by simply pressing the designated button.

Search the entire clipboard history

Once you reach a certain number of text instances, it becomes rather difficult to look for certain items whenever you need them. Thus, to help you quickly find the desired text, Remembr enables you to perform search queries on the entire clipboard history, by simply entering the term or phrase to look for.

As far as the slightly more advanced features bundled into the utility, you have the option to stop storing images into the clipboard, in order to avoid occupying to much of your memory. Additionally, you can also view the total number of characters for each text instance, as well as the exact time it was copied into the memory.

A reliable clipboard organizer

Thanks to the very intuitive user interface and the easy-to-use functions, Remembr is a useful utility to have around, especially if you have to deal with large quantities of text on a regular basis. In addition, the fact that it can store multiple items at the same time and offer your previews of their contents make the application a complete clipboard manager.

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Last updated on April 14th, 2015
Remembr - Remembr is a simple clipboard management tool that you can use to keep track of all the copied items.Remembr - From the 'View' menu of Remembr users can easily clear the clipboard history Remembr stores.Remembr - Remembr features a search function to help you look for specific keywords in the list of clipboard items.Remembr

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