Active Task Manager

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This useful application enables you to manage your popular tasks and starts them in background.





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Active Task Manager - a compact and powerful tool for automating the execution of tasks. It starts the .exe, .bat and .com files and displays text-sound reminders at the timed moments or manually. This software is a useful and complete task manager solution.

Active Task Manager helps you to manage your popular tasks and starts them in background. The flexible scheduling capability allows you to set as time interval between the consequent starts of a task, as exact start times within a day, week or month.

Intuitive and attractive user interface makes your work with it effective. You can set a process priority for any action. The tray icon menu provides a quick access for starting tasks manually. Another app can interact with ATM via ActiveX Automation.

Active Task Manager occupies system resources minimally. Ample documentation is also available.

Here are some key features of "Active Task Manager":

■ automatic start of tasks under the schedule;
high color images;
■ providing of text and sound reminders under the schedule;
■ VGA resolution support;
■ repetition of text and sound reminders;
■ task execution log;
■ multithreading;
■ maximum log size setting;
■ flexible schedule with one second accuracy;
■ manual start of the tasks from the tray icon menu;
■ forced termination of tasks after specified execution time;
■ clipboard support;
■ task process priority setting;
■ playing specified sound during task start;
■ animated or static tray icon;
■ self-adding to the StartUp folder;
■ drag'n'drop of exe, bat, com, lnk, pif icons;
■ customisable user interface;
■ "New Task" Wizard;
■ context-sensitive help;
■ Task property sheet;
■ hidding the tray icon;
■ ActiveX Automation support;
■ Setting the CPU Affinity Mask.


■ Some features are unavailable
Last updated on August 3rd, 2008
Active Task ManagerActive Task ManagerActive Task ManagerActive Task Manager - For example, if you selected to add a reminder, you can enter a message text that you will see when it is scheduled.Active Task Manager - Furthermore, you can adjust the interval between executions, the units type and you can choose how to calculate the next start time.Active Task Manager - On the other handm you have the possibility to configure a specific task, so that it never gets out-of-date or unnecessary.Active Task Manager - The Options window permits you to change several details, related to the general settings, the sounds or the accounts.

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