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A software application which makes legal case management easy and can integrate your Microsoft Office Outlook contacts, appointments and tasks

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Advocate Office Classic is a simple software application with the purpose of managing contacts, appointments and tasks for legal workers.

The program has a user-friendly interface with all the main functions accessible via shortcut icons. A more than welcomed feature is the display of daily tips. A new advocate case can be added using a standard litigation, transactional template, or based on a previous case file.

Simple browsing function

Advocate Office Classic displays an address bar where you can conduct the research for your case, and it contains a few legislative websites. Be careful when visiting a website, though, and don't forget to include "HTTP" in front of the address, otherwise the app will make a simple desktop search for the item. The new website will be opened in the default browser.

The utility has a few news categories with headline sources like CNN, Time Magazine, USA Today and entries for finance, weather or sport, making sure you are up-to-date with the latest news. With the built-in mail importer you can add your Outlook mails to the application, and organize them by date, sender or subject.

Schedule meetings

Appointments can be easily entered, in the right tab at a specific hour, or placed on a particular date in the calendar. This window also has a classic watch synchronized with the system time to keep you posted.

We all know that advocates need to manage a lot of customers, and this app offers a "Global Contacts" area, where customer names, phone numbers, work or home addresses can be added to perform queries whenever they are needed.

Useful features

Moreover, task and memos can be inserted if you need to quickly note a piece of information. The built-in site manager allows for online content to be easily organized or different information sources to be added. Statutes of limitations can also be organized from within the app, if required.

Another handy feature is the cross-case report generator, useful to have situations printed from a DOC format that was previously exported by the app. Furthermore, the program comes with a timer to keep track of costs for every task you perform.


All in all, Advocate Office Classic is a great software application for legal workers, keeping them organized and better informed with the latest information in their field.

Advocate Office Classic was reviewed by Ionut Constantinescu
Last updated on April 16th, 2014
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