BasicDiary 2.2.0

Write down your thoughts or daily events in your own virtual diary, add attachments and links to each entry and generate CSV, XML and HTML reports

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What's new in BasicDiary 2.2.0:

  • Xml Import/export alignment with BasicDiaryDroid
  • Added the flag "Modified" for compatibility with BasicDiaryDroid
  • Added the ability to import encrypted files generated by BasicDiaryDroid
  • Unlike in the past where everything was always imported, creating duplicate records, during import now is evaluated the modification date to decide whether to keep or replace the existing record
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BasicDiary - BasicDiary enables you to easily create a new diary entry and type in your desired text.BasicDiary - BasicDiary features a search tool that allows you to find certain diary entries.BasicDiary - The 'Options' window of BasicDiary allows you to set the default note type and the format a report is saved in.BasicDiaryBasicDiary
BasicDiary can securely store all your thoughts, stories, wishes and daily activities or events, enabling you to create a personal journal and keep it safely hidden from prying eyes. Its capabilities go beyond the standard features that are specific to such an utility, enabling you to attach files and assign other types of data to an entry.

Designed to facilitate text reading, its main window displays the record title, alongside written notes and other details. Unlike other similar applications, BasicDiary features an integrated text editor whose main characteristic is simplicity: it does not include any formatting options whatsoever, you just paste or write the text and you're done.

You can attach multiple files to each entry (for instance, a picture that is relevant for the story), which can be then exported and saved locally. Aside from attachments, each record can contain various text, number, date, time, position attributes, which enables you to insert statistical data into the diary.

The application comes with a built-in calendar that can be used for easily navigating throughout diary entries. The 'goto' function and the advanced search tool complete the feature set, enabling you to easily jump from one date to another, without using the calendar. Actually, the 'Find' dialog enables you to find a record that contains a specific keyword within the title, the content, the attachments or the attribute list.

Since the main concern of diary owners refers to privacy, BasicDiary features password protection and enables you to encrypt your diary's database, making it impossible to reach if the key is unknown. To improve data security even further, you can instruct it to close itself automatically during inactivity periods.

BasicDiary can keep your personal journal safe, providing some options that sets is apart from other utilities in its category. Some examples are the integrated report generator and the HTML note editor.

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