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A comprehensible and efficient software application designed to helping you create and manage a secure address book featuring message sending options

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Contact Contacts is a reliable and efficient software utility meant for those who wish to keep their contacts in a password protected database.

Basic, yet intuitive interface

Because the functions of the program are not many in number, the graphic user interface of Contact Contacts is also simple and primal.

The layout of the application is also uncomplicated and intuitive, allowing you to easily find and access the features you need.

Quickly search contacts by various parameters

When you come to own a large database of contacts, finding the one you need to get in touch with in time might not be so easy, unless there is an advanced search feature, like the one Contact Contacts provides you with.

You can choose from a list the criterion of your search, which can be the telephone number, address, city, country, ZIP code, e-mail address or the webpage of the specific contact.

Add, edit and modify contact information with ease

After selecting the desired contact from the list, you are enabled to remove it from the database, view it or edit its details, which can then be updated.

The application allows you to create a multitude of categories for your contacts, so you can organize your address book the way you wish.

Advanced security features for your address book

You can change the standard password to a personal one, so you can prohibit the unauthorized access to your address book.

Anytime, without closing the application, you can easily lock the utility, so the next time other users want to access it, they will be prompted to input the correct username and password.

Also, because the password is unrecoverable in case it has been forgotten, the application allows you to export your contacts to disk, giving you the chance to at least keep a backup of your contacts.

A secure fashion to manage your important address book

Contact Contacts proves to be an efficient way of creating and managing an organized address book, with a strong password system, and also, with the useful function of sending messages and e-mails to your contacts directly from the application's interface.

Contact Contacts was reviewed by Sorin Apostol
Last updated on May 1st, 2014
Contact Contacts - The application allows you to create and manage a database of contacts with detailed information.Contact Contacts - You can add new categories to your address book, allowing you to better organize your contacts.Contact Contacts - You can open the View and modify contact window in order to add or change information from each contact file.Contact Contacts - screenshot #4Contact Contacts - screenshot #5Contact Contacts - screenshot #6

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