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A lightweight utility that enables to take notes and synchronize directories, that also functions as a folder explorer and file viewer

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Working with multiple persons at the same time and using the same server can get confusing at times, especially if you have no quick way of communicating with each other. In addition, you need to make your actions known to the other members, in order to avoid conflicts and various other issues when it comes to file editing.

Keep notes in a shared directory

Crispy Synced Notes is a software utility designed as a note-taking application to be used in such situations, by allowing you to quickly create notes and save them in the desired directory. Hence, you can link them with certain documents, or create child nodes to hold files separated from each other.

A special feature built into the utility is its ability to work with WebDAV servers and synchronize documents across the Internet. Such a server is usually used for collaborative projects and its purpose is to allow multiple users working on documents at the same time. Thus, with the help of this application, you can connect and synchronize files in both directions, as well as resolve conflicts automatically.

Associate file types with external editors

Thanks to its ability to explore and display directory trees, you may sometimes stumble onto certain documents that cannot be opened or viewed inside the application. Whenever this happens, the utility enables you to associate the desired editor with the extension in question, hence making every such file quickly accessible in the future.

Additionally, beside being able to edit and view text files, Crispy Synced Notes is also capable of opening and displaying image files. As far as the operations that can be performed on the actual documents, you are allowed to create new ones, as well as rename or delete them. New folders can be created too and you can drag-and-drop files from one directory to the other.

A quick and reliable note keeper

All in all, Crispy Synced Notes is much more than a simple note editor, since it provides you with a wide range of other functions as well. In addition, the WebDAV support and the ability to synchronize files with each other make the application a very handy tool to have around on your computer.

Crispy Synced Notes was reviewed by Alexandru Dulcianu
Last updated on December 21st, 2014
Crispy Synced Notes - You can view the contents of the selected folder and open them with the associated editor.Crispy Synced Notes - The right-click menu allows you to add child notes, as well as rename or delete already existing ones.Crispy Synced Notes - You can choose the working directory and begin the synchronization process by accessing the File menu.Crispy Synced NotesCrispy Synced NotesCrispy Synced NotesCrispy Synced Notes

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