Custody X Change 2.24

A remarkable new way to define a child custody calendar has been created

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Custody X Change - The main window of Custody X Change allows users to access all the features of the software.Custody X Change - From this tab you have the possibility to schedule the vacations.Custody X Change - In this tab you can easily choose and schedule the holidays.Custody X ChangeCustody X Change
Child Custody Calendar Software - A Remarkable New Way
A remarkable new way to define a child custody calendar has been created. The Custody X Change software package has been developed to standardize parenting plans for both parents and legal professionals, minmize the amount of time it takes to create a calendar, provide maximum flexibility in complex orders, modify an existing visitation plan in seconds, and virtually eliminate malpractice and appeals occuring from incorrect calculations.

Why is There a Need For Innovative Child Custody Calendar Software?
To greatly reduce frustrations. We found that the process of creating, modifying, and calculating a child custody calendar and visitation plan is very arduous, usually taking many hours, and therefore only actually done for the most high profile custody battles. Additionally, the percentages are almost always guessed, which can open the door to a number of problems, not limited to appealing the order and/or filing a claim with the attorney.

Custody X Change is a useful family lawyer software featuring child custody calendar and child visitation agreements.

Current Methods to Create a Child Custody Calendar
Creating a parenting schedule can take hours of a family law attorney's time - which time is very expensive. Current methods of creating parenting plans are most often very creative, and were never really designed with the proper goals in mind. One such method to create calendars employs the use of a spreadsheet program, such as Microsoft Excel, and takes hours to complete or modify. Family law attorneys should not have to waste time using incomplete methods, nor be frustrated during the process.

Design of Custody X Change Child Custody Calendar Software
Custody X Change is unlike other methods to create child custody and visitation plans. It is based on the idea of layered cycles, calendars, and events that creates a seamless and accurate parenting schedule. It takes the tedious work out of modifying a schedule, and therefore becomes a very flexible solution to the problem of creating child custody and visitation orders. Custody X Change is not a simple calendar program like some other products that have been put on the market, it is much more than that.

Decide For Yourself - Try the Custody X Change Software Package!
A trial version is available which will be fully functional for thirty days. We invite you to download the trial and see for yourself that Custody X Change is easy, powerful, and highly flexible. It has been designed with user-friendliness in mind, and we hope that you have no problems understanding how the various features work.

Last updated on June 7th, 2009

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