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Manage your time a little better for more efficiency by creating tasks and scheduling events, as well as keeping all your credentials safe with this application

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One of the most important resources that, fortunately, we cannot exploit is time. If carefully managed, it can significantly boost efficiency within a business, regardless of its domain of activity. Using specialized computer applications such as Dailer, you are able to plan events, manage tasks and take notes to make day-to-day events easier.

Well-organized interface

The application's main window is incredibly simple, allowing you to accommodate in a jiffy. A side panel displays a calendar and major categories you get to work with, while the rest of the screen is taken up by specific modifiable options for each element in the panel. What's more, the application can stay hidden in the system tray when not used.

Create tasks for various purposes

From the “Organizer” option you can populate a list with tasks, events and various other activities that require your attention. Creating a new entry is easily done by filling in a few fields. You can set the exact time and date for it to trigger, make it recurrent, power off the PC, play sound, display a message or even have a custom application launched.

You also gain access to a “Notes” section, where needless to say that you can take advantage of a decent text field to write down ides. You can create up eight notes, but with no possibility to save either of them to file.

Keep personal info safe

In addition, the application features a secure side. Accessing it requires you to set individual passwords and users for SecretNotes, Passwords, Contacts. Available options are similar to the ones mentioned above, with the only difference being you can only view them if proper credentials are provided.

In conclusion

To sum it up, you can easily tell from a first look that Dailer is not the best application of its kind. However, it gets the job done right, providing a suitable means to make day-to-day activities easier. It is certainly not for businesses, being a little rough around the edges and missing a few advanced features that could have made it a pro.

Dailer was reviewed by Mircea Dragomir
Last updated on August 29th, 2014
Dailer - This is the main window of Dailer where you can choose to add your notes or events according to your necessities.Dailer - Dailer will offer you the possibility to set up reminders and you can schedule it to launch a specific file.Dailer - When adding a new contact, you will be able to enter their email address, phone numbers and website.Dailer - This is the Options section of Dailer where you can choose the language, as well as the dialing method.

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