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Desktop iCalendar Lite is powerful Windows calendar that helps you manage events and to-do lists straight from the desktop.

With an eye-candy appearance to perfectly fit any desktop in the world, Desktop iCalendar Lite also comprises a skin editor to enable its users customize the look with their very own design schemes.

Besides Google Calendar synchronization, Desktop iCalendar Lite lets you add new events and to-do lists just by right-clicking the main calendar window, obviously with plenty of options at your disposal.

Adding a new event for example requires users to input a summary, choose the dates and location, write down a description and pick a category, set up an alarm and configure recurrence.

If you’re willing to add a new entry in the to-do list on the other hand, Desktop iCalendar Lite needs summary information and dates, description, category and a reminder.

There are several general settings to play with, including configurable parameters concerning events and to-do entries. Additionally, there are multiple skins to choose from, but also dedicated options to adjust transparency and set up announcements.

Supposed to run all the time and stay on your desktop, Desktop iCalendar Lite doesn’t affect system performance, but instead it works flawlessly on all Windows versions out there.

As a conclusion, it’s pretty clear that Desktop iCalendar Lite is one of the top apps in this particular software category and one of the best things about it is the freeware license. Plus, it runs on low resources and its appearance fits any Windows desktop out there.

Desktop iCalendar Lite was reviewed by Bogdan Popa
Last updated on December 11th, 2014
Desktop iCalendar Lite - With the help of Desktop iCalendar Lite you are able to easily manage and schedule important eventsDesktop iCalendar Lite - From the context menu you have the possibility to add a new event, access the Settings window or manage the calendarsDesktop iCalendar Lite - You are able to selecting the calendar and the category, setting the alarm, as well as to writing its descriptionDesktop iCalendar Lite - screenshot #4Desktop iCalendar Lite - screenshot #5Desktop iCalendar Lite - screenshot #6Desktop iCalendar Lite - screenshot #7Desktop iCalendar Lite - screenshot #8Desktop iCalendar Lite - screenshot #9

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