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This digital rolodex application comes with a self-explanatory interface and allows you to organize and edit your personal information






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ScrapBook is a simple and straightforward piece of software that helps you organize text data into cards, saving your personal and professional information.

This application can be used as an address book or notebook, as well as a shopping and to-do list.

You can write as many as 55K characters per card or use various shortcut keys in order to quickly access settings and type text.
Last updated on June 28th, 2014
ScrapBook - You can easily organize, edit and save any kind of text information with the help of ScrapBookScrapBook - The File menu enables you to create, open, print and save your cards, as well as insert text filesScrapBook - You can modify sentences by replacing phrases in your current card or everywhere in your scrapbookScrapBook - You can customize your cards by time-stamping them, create, activate, move, delete and clone themScrapBook - Your cards can be tagged or untagged by using hotkeys, they can also be matched and viewed as listsScrapBook - screenshot #6ScrapBook - screenshot #7

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