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Create a well organized database of contacts, storing name, various phone numbers, address and even set reminders for special occasions

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A well organized database can considerably boost efficiency in a business. Nearly anything can be kept track of in a list that displays needed details. With the help of specialized applications such as Easy Phonebook, you can create a thorough database of contacts.

Easily add entries and custom fields

Even though most mobile phones today give you the possibility to save all contacts, having to manage a large mass of people requires you to have more info accessible. The application lets you store more details than the name suggests.

By default, when creating a new contact, you can make use of preset fields, such as name, personal and work phone number, as well as email or address. Additionally, you are free to include custom fields and notes, in case further details need to be specified.

Create groups and set reminders

Amongst the default fields, you can also set the birthday. This comes in handy for personal use, because it gives you time to plan ahead. Moreover, a reminder can be set to alert you in advance. Unfortunately, the reminder option is only available for the birthday field, with no option that lets you set general alarms, to call a certain someone, for example.

With the help of an integrated feature, you are able to add multiple groups in order to easily sort contacts according to various criteria. Furthermore, a search engine is put at your disposal so that no time is wasted looking for a contact when a call needs to be made.

It is only a shame that features limit here, with no support for a function that allows to quickly send emails, or have your default dedicated application brought up.

To end with

All in all, Easy Phonebook leaves a little something to be desired overall, mostly because of the rough interface. The search engine also seems a little flawed from time to time, making an average first impression. It's only on the beginning of a long road to greatness.

Easy Phonebook was reviewed by Mircea Dragomir
Last updated on July 1st, 2014
Easy Phonebook - Using this tool you get easy access to all your friend's birthdays and important information.Easy Phonebook - Here is how you can record a new entry using the Record option of this tool.Easy Phonebook - You can select how a person's brithday will be announced and how many days before the event you will get the notice.

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