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Hourglass Pro - automatically generate professional and totally customizable invoices or time sheets in any currency




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Hourglass Pro is very easy to install and use, helping you organize your work more effectively whilst billing clients for every moment you work; no more scribbling down times on the back of easily lost envelopes. With Hourglass Pro you have a permanent record of every single second you've worked, organized by task, sub-task and project, instantly accessible to you if a client ever requires more information on what you've been working on or a further breakdown of your invoice. Simply setup up the project and tasks, then start recording your time with just one click from the system tray.

Recording expenses organized by project in any currency (all correctly formatted and displayed,) is just as easy and allows you to store all your time and expenses information in one place.

With the ability to automatically generate professional and totally customizable invoices or time sheets in any currency (and even multiple currencies - with constantly updated exchange rates from the web,) Hourglass Pro is the key to successful international time and expense tracking.

Here are some key features of "Hourglass Pro":

■ Simple to install, intuitive to use
■ Organize projects by tasks and sub-tasks, making it easy to break down work billed to a client.
■ Set specific deadlines for tasks and sub-tasks so you always know which tasks you need to be working on.
■ View the work you've done by the day or by month in the Planner view, which also highlights any upcoming deadlines and displays weekly totals for work.
■ Minimalizes to the system tray: one click to start or stop the clock, change task or add an expense.
■ Record expenses in any currency for each project.
■ Set your billable rate and see how much you've earned on a particular project in real time - updated by the second.
■ Issue automatically created, professional invoices and time sheets in any currency. Hourglass Pro can convert between and correctly display all of the world's major currencies quickly and easily - you could earn Swedish Kronor, have expenses in Thai Bahht and issue invoices in euros, without once looking up an exchange rate or worrying about the correct format for a currency. Supports 160 currencies.
■ Create fully customizable invoices and time sheets in a wide variety of formats, including html, rich-text format or pdf, or print them directly from Hourglass Pro.
■ Need to combine your work with a colleges so you can bill with one invoice? You can merge your projects over the internet quickly and easily.
■ Intuitive file association - launch the file that you use most in conjunction with a task with just one click.
■ Automated updating of currency exchange rates via the internet.
■ Automated program updates via the internet.
■ Filter work and expenses by date, highlight tasks that are a priority, hide tasks that are completed, drag and drop tasks and much, much more


■ 30 day trial
Last updated on April 21st, 2006
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