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Store and organize notes, comments or other pieces of information with this intuitive and effective personal information management tool

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Info-Base is a lightweight and easy to understand software solution created to serve as a means of organizing various bits and pieces of information into several groups, enabling you to easily search through all the entries and quickly locate the items you need.

Because the application does not require an installation process in order to work, you can simply decompress the archive and launch the executable.

Intuitive and practical appearance

Info-Base’s interface is rather basic, featuring several panels, such as ‘Notes’, ‘Tags’ or ‘Stacks’, into which you can input comments, organize entries into categories or search for specific items throughout all the entered data.

Aside from the program’s toolbar that provides you with quick access to numerous functions, you can also use the right-click menu, offering you the ability to create, edit or delete records with just a few mouse moves.

Build your ‘Stack’ and fill it with entries

To get started, you need to create a ‘Stack’, which is basically a chapter or category of notes into which you can then begin adding records, by selecting the ‘New’ option from the context menu of the ‘Notes’ panel.

The lower section lets you type the comments you wish to save for later, allowing you to insert hyperlinks, date or timestamps, or simply run search operations based on words inside your text. Each entry can be assigned various tags, for easier identification. In addition, Info-Base lets you move records from one ‘Stack’ to the other.

Handy freeform database

All in all, Info-Base proves to be a useful, albeit fairly simple utility which aims to assist you in neatly organizing your important information into a freeform database, allowing you to store notes, comments, links and countless other records in a single, easily accessible location.

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Last updated on May 27th, 2015
Info-Base - Info-Base is a simple tool that enables you to organize large amounts of information into categories called stacksInfo-Base - From the context menu, you can add new notes, edit an existing one or delete itInfo-Base - Inside a note, you can type or paste text, insert the current date and time, add hyperlinks or numbersInfo-BaseInfo-BaseInfo-BaseInfo-BaseInfo-BaseInfo-BaseInfo-Base

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