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A handy software solution especially created to help users manage contact information, various notes and even send e-mail messages

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Keeping the personal information of one's contacts well organized and ready for quick access is a rather easy job, especially is the right tools are available.

This sort of activity has spawned a plethora of utilities dedicated to such purposes and InfoMan is one of the tools that aims to provide a more complete solution for taking care of addresses, notes, e-mails and many more.

Input and manage data from a well organized GUI

With the setup procedure complete in a couple of minutes, you should be able to start using InfoMan immediately. The interface is quite friendly and it offers quick access to all the functions, which are conveniently placed inside.

There are several tabs, each corresponding to one section of the program and even though most of the commands are common to several areas, there are some that are specific to a certain feature. Customizing the looks of the application can be easily done, thanks to the numerous skins it comes with and which are available in the 'Styles' section of the 'Options' menu.

Address manager, note organizer e-mailer and scheduler tools

InfoMan is pretty well provided in terms of support for collecting information regarding various areas of interest. Unfortunately, there are some occasional glitches and when you come across them, you may have to close and open the utility and then re-add the unsaved data.

The address book is equipped to handle a lot of entries, each including all the necessary details that are usually attached to a contact. The scheduling feature is most welcomed for programming and planning events and meetings, while the note manager can help you store bits of information in an organized fashion.

There is also an e-mailing function that is quite well represented inside InfoMan and it allows you to receive, compose, send or forward messages, with attachments included.

All-round tool for handling personal information

All in all, this program is worth a try and some functional mishaps may occur, yet it can serve as a decent means of gathering, storing and retrieving data regarding the contacts inside an address book, various events and even mail messages.

InfoMan was reviewed by Olivian Puha
Last updated on June 9th, 2015

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