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Application which enables you to place a calendar and planner on your desktop, so that you can easily track your day-to-day activities

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Interactive Calendar is a simple software utility which enables you to organize your time in a more efficient manner, by providing you with an interactive planner.

Upon launching the program, it is send to the system tray and a calendar of the current month is going to be placed on the desktop. This becomes an integral part of your Windows theme, as it is unresponsive to right or left clicking.

By double-clicking a date, you can add an event, along with details such as start and end date and time, subject, recurrence and a description. The latter is highly customizable, seeing you can cut, copy and paste elements, undo or redo actions, add pictures (GIF, PNG, JPG, BMP, ICO etc.), symbols, time and date, bullets, indents, and links. In addition to that, you can use a spell checker, look up words in a thesaurus and align the text.

This software application integrates a search tool, as well as a find and replace function. In both cases you can enable looking up only whole words or case sensitive ones.

From the settings panel you can configure the calendar from a myriad of standpoints, including font, color, position, size and skin. You can also set up the work days, display number of week and run the app at Windows startup.

With backup and restore capabilities, as well as import and export from CSV and TXT file formats, minimal CPU and memory usage and support for a multi-screen environment, Interactive Calendar proves to be a useful piece of software.

Interactive Calendar was reviewed by Madalina Boboc
Last updated on March 26th, 2014
Interactive Calendar - After installing Interactive Calendar, users will be able to view on their desktop a calendar featuring all the added eventsInteractive Calendar - The main window of the application allows users to add, edit and remove events from the calendarInteractive Calendar - From the File menu, users can find a specific event, backup the calendar with all the added items or export itInteractive Calendar - screenshot #4Interactive Calendar - screenshot #5Interactive Calendar - screenshot #6Interactive Calendar - screenshot #7Interactive Calendar - screenshot #8Interactive Calendar - screenshot #9Interactive Calendar - screenshot #10Interactive Calendar - screenshot #11Interactive Calendar - screenshot #12Interactive Calendar - screenshot #13

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