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Keeper is a high-powered notebook that will help you organize yourself.





Keeper is a tool that help you organize your ideas, writing submissions, markets, brainstorming, image maps and much more.

Advanced search features ensure that your ideas all remain readily accessible. It is a high-powered notebook.

The basic principle is that Keeper allows users to create Pages. These pages are organized by sections, within notebooks. To make it easier to find pages at a later time users can also mark their pages with keywords

Keeper's ease of use and powerful organizational capacities make it useful for many types of people:

■ Writers - use the submission tracker to know where you have submitted your writing
■ Researchers - use keywords and bookmarks to ensure that all your research is tagged properly for future retrieval
■ Role-players - put maps into Keeper with hotspot buttons on them -- these buttons can link to pages in Keeper or other files
S■ oftware developers - keep code snippets in Keeper & organize your software projects
■ Students - a specialized page exists for historical figures

Here are some key features of "Keeper":

■ From fleshing out your story idea to writing that great essay, Keeper will keep you focused on your goals.
■ Brainstorming tools will allow you to quickly explore your research ideas.
■ A full-featured text editor will allow you to quickly craft your work.
■ A submission tracker.

■ Link your ideas to one another, as well as to external files (like Word documents, images, or web-sites).
■ Book marking tools allow you to mark text so it can easily be found later.

■ Assign keywords and subtypes to your pages in Keeper to make future searches more powerful.
■ Group pages by notebook and section for further organization.
■ A fast text search can quickly scour your pages for terms or names.


■ .NET 2.0


■ 30 days trial
■ Add only 25 pages to Keeper's notebook
Last updated on July 16th, 2007
Keeper - The Page Details dialog is where you can choose to create new writings, worldbuildings and organizations pagesKeeper - The Project Page tab is where you can insert your text, data, objects, choose the font, the background colorKeeper - The Tools menu allowing you to set the options, craete reports and other advanced pages. You can also choose the general and the project's details for your pageKeeper - The Keywords panel will let you select an item from the displayed list or add a new oneKeeper - The Options window will allow you to select the user, the notebook layout, the queries, the customize and the linktable settingsKeeper - The Page menu is where you can choose to save your page, select the font, isnert template, edit keywords, count the words or print it

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