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A software solution developed in order to help you focus on executing a task rather than memorizing their due dates and other details

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Lifestyle Inspector is a piece of software created as an alternative to other task organizers or ‘To-Do’ lists. With it you can create a small database that contains all your short-term and long-term projects, large or small.

Take control of all your tasks and manage them

Lifestyle Inspector enables you to create entries for any number of tasks you need to begin, work on and complete. You can add root and ‘child’ tasks,as well as ‘sibling’ ones.

Being able to do this, along with the fact that you can assign exact start and deadline times, allows you to have total control over the way in which you manage the progress of a task. If you have to deal with repetitive tasks that need to be executed daily or at regular intervals, Lifestyle Inspector enables you to set daily, weekly or monthly recurrence tags to them.

User-friendly interface

Lifestyle Inspector might seem a bit rough around the edges and difficult to understand in the first minute you spend with it but since all its features are displayed in the main window and are pretty much self explanatory, you’ll get the hang of it in no time.

The application’s GUI is structured in such a way that it allows you to oversee all the created tasks, add new ones and customize them from the same section which makes organizing all that much easier.

You also get a section that displays all the tasks you have active in a current day, as well as another that shows you tasks that don’t necessarily have a deadline but should be done when the opportunity comes.

Organize and observe task with deadlines

To sum things up, Lifestyle Inspector is a nice app to have on your computer which you can easily use to keep track of the deadlines on all your projects and manage your time in a better way.

Lifestyle Inspector was reviewed by Alexandru Chirila
Last updated on December 21st, 2014
Lifestyle Inspector - Lifestyle Inspector enables you to create various events and tasks in order to monitor their progress.Lifestyle Inspector - From the 'Today' tab, you are able to view all the tasks that are scheduled for the current day.Lifestyle Inspector - Accessing the Review section you can view all the tasks that you have marked as completed.Lifestyle Inspector - screenshot #4

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