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Get to know exactly when the sung gets up and when it sets, as well as moon events from anywhere around the globe with this practical utility

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Before we found out what exactly the Sun and the Moon are, they were used to guide us through times of day and night, or simply to provide something to look up to. Nowadays, a popular entertainment method is to be there when the sun gets up and when it goes to sleep. In this regard, applications like LunaSolCal are sure to let you know exactly when that happens.

Various moon and sun info displayed

To make it properly run, you need to go through a simple installation process that doesn’t take more than several seconds. The main window is pretty simple, with all functions you get to work with found in plain sight, with corresponding descriptions so you know just what to modify and what result you get.

In terms of provided information, the main window is split into half, one that shows Sun related info, while the other lets you know when stuff happens with the Moon. Sunrise and Sunset, as well as Moonrise and Moonset hours are displayed, with additional details like altitude, declination, equation of time, length of day, visibility, phase, twilight time, as well as next new and full moon.

Specify location and timezone for more accuracy

It’s now time to talk a little about what you can change shown info. First of all, there’s a date field that lets you either select a specific date from a calendar view, manually write it down, or scroll through days back and forth through dedicated controls. Results are revealed in real time.

For more accuracy, three drop-down menus are used to select the continent, country, and city that interests you, with lists being filled with an impressive amount of locations. Sadly, changing the location doesn’t automatically set the proper time zone, so you also need to use the dedicated drop-down menu to specify it.

A few last words

All in all, LunaSolCal is good to have around in case you travel a lot, or simply don’t want to miss a single sunset or sunrise while on vacation. The set of features is rather poor, with no exceptional visual elements or possibility to have locations searched online. What’s more, you need to manually set all time info, but it’s worth a try overall.

LunaSolCal was reviewed by Mircea Dragomir
Last updated on July 8th, 2015
LunaSolCal - In the main window of LunaSolCal you can easily set the timezone, but also you can select the continent, the country and the city.

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