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A handy and intuitive application that allows you to schedule your tasks, appointments and meetings on a calendar-like interface

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Organizing your time can be a fun and interactive task using Monkeymen Calendar. The program allows you to schedule your tasks, appointments, meetings and plans in just a couple of minutes, all done in an interactive and creative environment.

Fun to use virtual agenda

The application provides you with an interactive environment for scheduling, planning and organizing all your tasks, appointments and meetings. By simply selecting the day you want to plan an activity for, you can insert your tasks for that particular date. This way, you are able to plan ahead and keep track of all your activities for certain days of the week.

Furthermore, you can create notes that act as a ToDo list. In this manner, every time you open the program, you will be able to see which of your tasks needs to be done. The interface can easily be customized, as you can use your own photos as cover.

Dependable task scheduler with alarm clock

Monkeymen Calendar can be set to announce you whenever a certain plan or appointment needs to take place, by scheduling alarm clocks for important events or meetings. This way, the alarm will set off whenever you scheduled an important meeting or appointment.

In addition, you can save all the scheduled tasks and activities as backups, serving as reliable restore points in case your computer malfunctions due to software of hardware problems.

A creative and interactive time organizer

To sum it up, Monkeymen Calendar can help you plan ahead and schedule all your plans and activities to certain days of the week. By providing weekly or monthly views, the application allows you to see all your scheduled and planned tasks from different points of view, which could help you reorganize your time with ease.

Monkeymen Calendar was reviewed by Andrei Fercalo
Last updated on August 19th, 2014
Monkeymen Calendar - Monkeymen Calendar allows you to keep a schedule of all your plans and appointments.Monkeymen Calendar - By accessing the Monkeymen Calendar Options window, you can backup your data or set up alarms.

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