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An application that enables you to keep track of multiple calendars and add separate tasks, memos and events into each one of them

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If you have a busy schedule with a lot of appointments and meetings every day, it may come in handy to keep track of this information in an organized environment.

Furthermore, to keep certain events separated from each other, you can use more than one calendar at once and distribute them based on their category or importance.

View daily, weekly or monthly events and add multiple resources

MultiCalendar Personal Edition is an application that allows you to organize and manage your appointments and events into multiple calendars, as well as add notes, reminders and contacts. To have a better overview on the most important meetings and events, you can sort them by day, week or month. Each view mode enables you to drag-and-drop appointments and move them around the calendar.

Creating a new resource means that you add another calendar in the main window, where you can add new appointments or move the already existing ones. These resources can be renamed according to your preferences and you can customize their appearance by modifying their color scheme and icon image.

Synchronize data with Outlook and archive the event list

One of the more advanced features of MultiCalendar Personal Edition is the ability to synchronize its content with Microsoft Outlook and even import or export files. The synchronization allows you to update a specific calendar resource depending on customizable Outlook actions and you can also set up the conflict resolving method, in order to avoid issues.

All of your events can be archived and saved in the application's history section, from where they can be restored if you ever need to. You can also create backups for the whole database, which are saved on your computer and transferred to any type of device, including USB flash drives or external hard disks.

In conclusion

As far as calendar utilities go, MultiCalendar Personal Edition offers a wide range of functions and customization possibilities to create and maintain a complete personal schedule. In addition, the familiar tabbed interface is responsive and easy-to-use for anyone, regardless of their computer experience.

MultiCalendar Personal Edition was reviewed by Alexandru Dulcianu
Last updated on June 20th, 2014
MultiCalendar Personal Edition - The main window of the application enables you to view and add tasks, notes and events.MultiCalendar Personal Edition - The Time Grid View displays the available tasks and enables you to extend them over multiple hours.MultiCalendar Personal Edition - You can jump to the previous year, week or month by accessing the Navigation tab.MultiCalendar Personal Edition - screenshot #4MultiCalendar Personal Edition - screenshot #5MultiCalendar Personal Edition - screenshot #6MultiCalendar Personal Edition - screenshot #7MultiCalendar Personal Edition - screenshot #8

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