Happy Birthday

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A simple and user-friendly application aimed to offer you the means of being reminded of upcoming birthdays, holidays and other special events

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Happy Birthday is a lightweight and easy to use piece of software whose main function is to help you remember all your friends’ and relatives’ birthdays, as well as anniversaries, holidays or other important events.

Simple and appealing looks

The application features a colorful and user-friendly interface, its looks making it suitable for anyone to use, regardless of your level of prior experience.

The main window allows you to view the people whose birthdays you want to  remember, along with a few contact details, to assist you in sending an email message or a making a phone call on that particular day.

Add and track other people’s birthdays or your special events

Happy Birthday enables you to input as many individuals as you want into its memory, along with their personal details about name, DOB, email address, phone number and a note, if you feel it is necessary.

You can also set the ‘Time For Notification’ by inputting the precise hour, having the possibility of setting a reminder to alert you of the approaching event, with up to thirty days in advance. In addition, on the day of the birthday, you can send an email message to the person in question or look for presents.

Moreover, Happy Birthday enables you to set an alert for all the other important events in your life, be they national, religious or personal holidays, anniversaries, meetings or deadlines, being able to view the number of days until the ‘ETA’.

A handy birthday reminder

To sum it up, Happy Birthday proves to be a useful albeit rather simple application aiming to keep you informed about birthdays or other important occasions in the lives of people around you, allowing you to prepare accordingly, with presents or other such items.

Happy Birthday was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on July 16th, 2014
Happy Birthday - The main window of Happy Birthday displays the people whose birthdays you want to rememberHappy Birthday - The Events tab enables you to keep track of upcoming holidays and other important daysHappy Birthday - From the  Save menu, you can store your data on the Cloud or import  a vCard into the application

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