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A piece of software especially created to help you take notes in a simple manner with the use of your keyboard, mouse or stylus

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NoteItAll is an application especially created for those who need to take notes using either their computer or tablet.

User-friendly interface

Though the subtitle is very accurate, it’s recommended that you first read the manual before beginning to use the application. That’s not because NoteItAll is complicated in any way but rather that it has a different way of doing things, opposed to how you might be used to.

NoteItAll’s GUI is as straightforward as it can be since all the tools you need to create and edit the notes are available in a top toolbar, leaving the rest of the main window available for the content. Tools are accessed with a simple click on their icons and you also have some available through the use of context menus.

Designed for PC and tablet

NoteItAll is an application made to work on both desktop systems, notebooks and tablets meaning that it supports the use of a pen, stylus. This feature makes NoteItAll very practical when it comes to creating sketches, adding annotations to images or scanned documents and similar tasks.

Moreover, you are able to export the projects and transfer them across different platforms. This way it’s possible to work on the mock-up of the sketch on your computer and add annotations to it using your tablet.

Intuitive tools

NoteItAll provides a series of basic drawing and annotation tools that are very easy to use. You have brushes of different sizes and colors, erasers, shape and line tools, as well as the much needed undo and redo options.

With a simple click on the digital sheet of paper you are able to start drawing, holding the left click mouse button enables you to start typing text while the right one brings out a context menu that offers various functions.

Create and edit notes

In closing, there are a lot of functions to discover about NoteItAll other than those that have been mentioned and which make it even more handy. All you have to do, is try it out.

NoteItAll was reviewed by Alexandru Chirila
Last updated on June 16th, 2015
NoteItAll - NoteItAll displays a user-friendly interface and enables you to take notes using text, images and annotations.NoteItAll - Opening the Note menu, you are able to import an existing note, delete the current one as well as export it.NoteItAll - You can easily enable or disable the touch scroll, word wrap and snap to grid features from the Settings menu.NoteItAll - screenshot #4

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