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An intuitive and simple to use application that enables you to create ToDo tasks, and records your message regardless of where you type it

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TODO LazyList is a reliable software that enables you to create reminders and ToDo tasks simply by typing the message anywhere on your desktop, in a browser window or program interface. The application serves as desktop organizer, note keeper or reminder, since you can write any type of message, then view it in its interface.

Type anywhere, store in the database

The software can record any message you type as long as you write the correct syntax. You simply need to click anywhere on your screen, then type “//TODO” and the rest of your message. The task appears in the software’s interface the second you finish writing and it is also stored in a local or remote Java-based database.

Once you have added a task to the ToDo list, you may easily view and modify it from the software’s interface. Moreover, you may organize the tasks into categories or award them priority levels, according to their urgency. Simply press the slash key, then write the name of the category before you type in the message.

Local database storage

Each task that is recorded into TODO LazyList is also stored in a local database, that is automatically created at the indicated path, the first time you create a task. All the reminders you create afterwards are saved consequently in the same database. The software also offers you instructions regarding database setup.

Selecting a ToDo entry, you can view the afferent details, such as position in the list, category name or priority. Additionally, you may easily modify the message, the category or the priority by clicking on a task. The main display may be customized, in order to include any of the following columns: task ID, Category, Message and Priority.

Facile ToDo list creator

TODO LazyList is a simple to use and intuitive application that allows you to store any kind of messages, notes, reminders, tasks, schedules, by simply typing them anywhere on your desktop. The software is lightweight and can run in the background without affecting other computer processes. It is useful when, for instance, you are browsing the Internet and you come across a name you wish to remember - simply type in the syntax and the message, then view it later in TODO LazyList.

TODO LazyList was reviewed by Elizabeta Virlan
Last updated on July 17th, 2014
TODO LazyList - TODO LazyList is an intuitive application capable of recording ToDo lists, regardless of where you type the message.TODO LazyList - You may type the ToDo message in a program window, in your browser or on your desktop, and let the software record it.

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