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A comprehensive and handy application that enables you to create time-limited tasks and share them with work colleagues to tackle together

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Taskfabric 2 is an efficient and reliable software solution created to offer you the means of managing multiple office tasks, sharing the workload with colleagues as well as enabling superiors to see the level of progress.

Straightforward and user-friendly appearance

The user interface is fairly simple to handle, recalling the Microsoft Office interface, including the ribbon and multiple tabs to organize the various sections of the application.

The main window lists the currently existing tasks, along with their level of completion, allowing you to add new records, edit the existing ones or share them with other people, either via email or on the cloud.

Effortlessly add, manage and share tasks and projects with co-workers

Taskfabric 2 help you input the projects that you need to handle, including various related subtasks, in order to stage its completion in several steps. In addition, you can configure a precise review date and hour, enabling you to come back to it when it is time to see its progress.

By right-clicking on an existing entry, you can work with the ‘Task Inspector’ to analyze its details and decide how it is evolving. You can also choose the next review date, select the preferred priority level and mark it in a distinctive color, so as to individualize it among all other records.

Moreover, you can input a task duration, ranging from ten minutes to a week, being able to modify its percentual progress over time. Also, you can add an attachment in the form of any file or document relevant to the record, converting it to project once it has reached a certain level of complexity. Taskfabric 2 allows you to print, send via email or share projects and tasks with co-workers, enabling them to contribute to its resolution.

A useful project monitoring tool

To sum it up, Taskfabric 2 is an interesting and effective program which can successfully assist you in managing multiple work assignments, sharing the information with colleagues or superiors and tracking its progress from beginning to end, to make sure it is handled properly.

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Last updated on February 19th, 2015
Taskfabric 2 - Taskfabric 2 enables you to manage projects on a per task basis and share them with the members of your team.Taskfabric 2 - The software can work with the Outlook calendar and easily convert tasks into planned events, then receive reminders.Taskfabric 2 - You may easily assign a higher priority to the selected tasks, as well as divide your work by focus points, for improved efficiency.Taskfabric 2Taskfabric 2Taskfabric 2Taskfabric 2Taskfabric 2Taskfabric 2Taskfabric 2Taskfabric 2Taskfabric 2

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