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A lightweight software utility that enables you to add document-specific tasks and view their completion status using special markers on their icons

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In order to keep track of your documents and their completion level, you need to make sure that you do not overlook any of them and that you know exactly which ones need editing. In addition, it can also be useful to save a few notes for each file, without having to encumber the actual document with additional text.

Create tasks for each separate document

Taskmod is a software utility that enables you to keep an eye on your documents and applications, by tracking their completion level and saving personal notes for each one. In order to achieve this, the application provides you with an entry in the context menu of your operating system, which allows you to easily add tasks to any file or folder from your computer.

Furthermore, you can add multiple tasks for each document, as well as choose their name and enter a small description for each entry. After you complete them, they can be marked as done and the utility adds the completion date near every instance. Thus, you can have a complete history of the previous modifications.

Use custom icon markers to notify you about the completion level

Although the context menu is pretty easy to reach, it can be a bother to open Taskmod every time you want to check on whether a document requires any editing. To that effect, the application displays a small icon overlay, which lets you know whether the tasks are complete, near-completion or incomplete.

The priority level for each task can also be increased or decreased, depending on their importance and due date. Unfortunately, all this feature does is change the order of the items, so that the ones you deem to be more important are displayed at the top of the list. Hence, you cannot actually categorize them, just arrange them into a more accessible list-form.

A handy task manager utility

All in all, Taskmod does not offer too many features and functions, but it does make it much simpler to spot the documents that are in need of modifications, thanks to the icon overlay. Moreover, the intuitive and easy-to-use interface allows anyone to quickly get the hang of it, regardless of any previous computer experience.

Taskmod was reviewed by Alexandru Dulcianu
Last updated on November 4th, 2014
Taskmod - Taskmod enables you to mark a task as completed, increase or decrease its priority with just a click.Taskmod - You can add new tasks or import them from external sources from the 'File' menu of Taskmod.Taskmod - Taskmod enables you to edit selected tasks and mark them as done from the 'Edit' menu.Taskmod

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