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An intuitive and user-friendly application, that enables you to create reminders for specific events or tasks and view them in a modern interface

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ToDo Pilot is a smart agenda organizer that allows you to plan and schedule your time between multiple tasks. With its modern looking interface and task prioritizing function, you can split your working hours as well as spare time, in order to take care of important aspects.

Smart organizing

The application enables you to create reminders and add a specific level of priority to each of them, but not burden yourself unnecessarily early with tasks you have to perform next week or next month.

ToDo Pilot features colored tabs for Today, This Week, This Month and This Year, but not with specific dates. In other words, you can easily view the events or tasks that need your attention in the future, but not be stressed with reminders.

Prioritized tasks

The program supports multiple task entries and enables you to customize them. Add the name and assign a level of priority. You can choose between six levels of priority, marked with colors from red – the highest importance – to white.

You can specify a task’s date of creation, but not the time it is due. Assign an entry for Today, This Week, This Month, This Year or for an unspecified time in the future. Any event added to the latter category can be viewed in the Sometime tab.

Background run

ToDo Pilot does not stress you with reminders every few hours. However, it does run in the background, on your system and when minimized, it goes to the system tray. This way you can easily access it when you wish to consult your agenda.

If a task gets rescheduled, you can instantly update it, by dragging it from one tab and dropping it onto the correct one. Additionally, you may mark the priority levels with numbers, letters or asterisks and set the program to open and run in the background when your operating system starts.


ToDo Pilot is a lightweight application, with a modern looking interface, that does not stress you with numerous reminders. Instead it makes it easy for you to view and edit any planned task or event, birthday and even grocery lists.

ToDo Pilot was reviewed by Elizabeta Virlan
Last updated on May 12th, 2014
ToDo Pilot - ToDo Pilot is a smart scheduler that enables you to arrange your agenda and add reminders for important tasks.ToDo Pilot - You can create reminders that you can edit at any time, by using the program's user-friendly interface.ToDo Pilot - Each entry can be added to a color category and marked as due on the current day, week, month or simply someday.ToDo PilotToDo PilotToDo PilotToDo PilotToDo PilotToDo Pilot

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