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A three-dimensional assistant that can help you create an address book, input appointment and reminders, as well as keep track of them

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Ultra Hall Assistant is a software tool that provides you with a 3D character, which you can use as a personal assistant, to help you input appointments and reminders, run programs and add contacts to an address book.

Quick install and intuitive interface

The installation process you are required to go through does not offer to add any third-party products. However, after finalizing it, you should know a setup wizard helps you choose you character, his name, as well as yours, choose a voice and a skin for the interface, and offers you a five minute tutorial, so that any type of user can learn how to handle Hal with ease.

Moreover, the UI is non-obtrusive, as it goes in the system tray from the first launch, and you can send it there at any point.

Configure your assistant and take advantage of all features

From the settings panel, you can control your assistant’s learning level through a slider bar, change initial settings, use speech recognition so that you can directly “talk” to Hal, and launch this utility at Windows startup. You can change greeting, window size and enable Hal to speak the Clipboard contents when something new is copied and the list goes on.

A text editor is incorporated, which also enables you to dictate, speak the document out loud, and save information to the hard drive in a TXT or RTF format. It is also possible to add events to the calendar, use a dictionary to look up English words and switch between users.


All in all, Ultra Hall Assistant is pretty decent piece of software, dedicated to people interested in having a virtual assistant. It has a pretty good response time, an intuitive interface and it does not put a strain on your PC’s performance. Nonetheless, it is in dire need of an update.

Ultra Hal Assistant was reviewed by Madalina Boboc
Last updated on March 5th, 2014
Ultra Hal Assistant - This is the first screen of Ultra Hal Assistant where you have to select the character that will be used by the application.Ultra Hal Assistant - From this window you can set how the HAL assistant should call you and in addition you can set the computer's name.Ultra Hal Assistant - The voice of the character from Ultra Hal Assistant is selected during this step of the configuration.Ultra Hal AssistantUltra Hal AssistantUltra Hal AssistantUltra Hal AssistantUltra Hal AssistantUltra Hal AssistantUltra Hal AssistantUltra Hal Assistant

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